£14 instead of £40 for a blissful, calming 1 hour floatation experience in a personal float tank at at The Floatworks – Save 65%


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Experience the incredible feeling weightlessness induces without having to fly to the moon. Floating or float therapy is one of the most effective means of stress relief available. It will soothe all your aching muscles from the pressures and nuances of a hectic urban life. Each tank is filled with 10 inches of a super-saturated salt solution which mimics the conditions of the Dead Sea and enables an individual to float effortlessly on the surface. The water in the tank is heated to body temperature so that once the body has settled it is difficult to distinguish between the parts of your body touching the water and the water itself thus producing a completely serene floating sensation.

The Epsom-salt solution effectively removes the effects of gravity and allows your body to completely relax. With the lights turned off and your earplugs in, your body will drift away into a dreamy state. Imagine lying on a giant marshmallow and you’re getting close. The feeling of total weightlessness releases endorphins which gently push your body into a feeling that Buddhist monks try to accomplish with years of meditation. Each tank is situated in a lockable private room with an individual power shower for use. You can leave the lights on in your tank but most users learn to love the feeling of the lights off. People of all ages and walks of life use the tanks to relieve stress, including top athletes needing to soothe aching muscles.

This MyCityDeal is perfect if you want to understand what complete body and mind relaxation feels like, and also improve your health. For just £14 instead of £40 you can feel the incredible benefits of weightlessness without becoming an astronaut! Plus now receive £10 off of your next session if you book it when you come in for your first!

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