£17.50 instead of £67 for a decadent 3 course meal, head and neck massage, free entry and a cocktail at lavish West London hangout Supperclub – Save 74%!


Supperclub London discount deal


Suggesting to a friend that ‘this place is different to anything else in London’ is something you will rarely do in your life, let alone on a regular basis, and it is with that in mind that Supperclub is so often the suggestion that pops up when pining for a change of scenery in this city. Originating in Amsterdam, the concept is built upon a fusion that will challenge your senses. Set over two levels, each offering its own bar with a delectable cocktail menu, there’s a central area on the ground floor where people can dance. This lively area is surrounded by a smattering of tables and a generous coating of beds (yes – that’s right, beds!). Upstairs there are balconies all around allowing you to lean over and observe all the goings on below, and gives the perfect vantage point for a spot of people-watching.
If this wasn’t exciting and unusual enough – there’s an added twist regarding the menu. There isn’t one… that’s right, there is NO menu. You will have no idea what the food will be until the day of your visit – adding to the unique excitement that this place generates. The constantly changing menu means that the food is guaranteed to be freshly prepared, and with it being headed up by Renaud Marin, previously of the Oxo Tower, you can also expect it to be absolutely delicious. The common theme is that of a modern, fine-dining persuasion and consists of three courses. Dishes like the roasted scallop and butternut squash with soya glazed bok choy, lemon grass and Thai basil froth is a prime example.

This MyCityDeal voucher can save you 74% on a three course meal, a cocktail, a soothing head and neck massage and all with the bonus of free entry. What a fantastic way to spend a Monday evening! Whatever your taste, you have to experience this place. A diverse playground awaits, and you can enjoy all this for almost 75% off thanks to MyCityDeal.

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