£41 for a £130 one hour holistic pampering Session including massage, Facial beauty, natural healing and relaxation at E-Rejuvenation – thats a massive 69% off!


natural healing and relaxation at E-Rejuvenation by my city deal


E Rejuvenation is a revolutionary health and lifestyle improvement system. A World leading Feng Shui expert worked with a cutting edge, western architect to create a chic series of energy environments where they can help you relax and sustain performance in a stressful job, naturally solve a persistent health problem or break through business blockages. You can improve happiness and gain more energy using an adaptation of an ancient Chinese philosophy called Qi Gong, which focuses on natural health, life energy and longevity.

Your session will include Meridian treatment, which uses acupressure on the legs, feet and shoulders to stimulate the release of toxins and old energy. You will then receive a massage focussing on the neck, shoulders and back to help you relax and let go of your worldly cares. Facial beauty treatment follows, and you will be massaged and a herbal face mask will be applied. You will then be taken through natural field healing and a session of guided relaxation, both powerful techniques for healing and a deep and lasting peace of mind. Finally you will be provided with light refreshments, including traditional herbal tea and a healthy nutritious snack, and you will also get a chance to network with and meet other people going through E Rejuvenation.

The roots of E Rejuvenation lie in the traditional Chinese philosophy of natural health, life energy and longevity, dating back over 5,000 years. Over the last 20 years this extraordinary knowledge has helped many thousands of clients in the West to solve health problems, improve their relationships and develop their career and financial potential. With countless positive testimonials and success stories this fantastic introductory session could be just the thing you need and all at a great price too!


“Using Energy to get Rejuvenate! NO Dr. NO Knives, No Chemical… So if you need recover from any Cosmetic Surgery or Over Stress… Or Fighting with your Husband… OR lovers… IS the place for you! YES, try and you will love it!”

“Wow! That was the best massage I’ve ever has in my life. I’ve had a lot of treatments, I’m very fussy and a qualified masseur myself so this is a high praise. I will be back on a regular basis. Thank you! Maya”

“Well, to be honest, when I saw the name E Rejuvenation, I thought it was yet another new age jump on the bang wagon, but I was totally blown away by what I got, and now go there when ever I can to get my dose of super charged energy, and to release all my stress and tension.”

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