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Everybody loves a good bargain, whether its 10% or 90% off there is something very satisfying about not paying the full price. Living in London, discount vouchers save me hundreds of pounds every year. By keeping track of all the discount vouchers in London I am able to treat myself and the family more often, letting all of us enjoy city life better without having to worry about the cost.

So where are all these discount vouchers for London hiding? Well, posed with the same question about a year ago I got to work researching the absolute best places to find all these deals. I found a whole plethora of websites promising me the best deals for electronic equipment, restaurants and grocery shopping. These types of deals are everywhere on websites such as voucher codes UK. I was looking for a resource where I could find deals on activities, new or different types of restaurants and festivals or events. It was only recently that I found my answer! It’s called and my wife loves it. They are always offering spa deals in London, facials, theatre tickets, family activities and loads more. It is just what we were looking for!

The London Daily Deals that I find on Deal Zippy generally offer very generous discounts, usually to the tune of 50-90% off. They are a new types of discount voucher achieved through something called group buying. It means that a certain number of people must agree to buy a deal before everyone can actually buy it. This way retailers benefit from a mass of new customers and the customers get up to 90% off all the things they love to do. It really is a great idea!

The idea of group buying is not a new one. It has been around for decades however it has only just re-emerged over the last year and a half as a great way to save money on the things people enjoy. Group buying was re-introduced to the world by Groupon an American company in November 2008. The idea of group buying was accepted so well by the people in America that it has spread across the world like wildfire and it has taken off especially well in the UK. There are 10 group buying websites in the UK all offering amazing deals. Each and every one of them have their main focus  in London which means a plentiful supply of London discount vouchers.

Take a look at our sister site at where you can make detailed searches for Daily Deals in your city. It’s like a search engine for daily deals in the UK.

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